Q 5: Y U so evil?

A reporter at Open Democracy sent For Women Scotland a “when did you stop beating your trans people?” set of questions, so For Women Scotland is sharing the obnoxious questions with us.

Dear Adam,

Thank you for your hugely revealing question set about our shadowy operation. I am only amazed that you forgot to ask about the top speed of our broomsticks and whether they were diesel or electric (0-60 in 20 secs), or, indeed, whether we favour Eye of Newt over Fillet of Fenny Snake (personally, I find Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting are best for date night!). I’m afraid that I must be brief as we are off to dance widdershins round a churchyard by moonlight and those hexes won’t cast themselves!

Adam Ramsay is the “reporter.” I hope his face is scarlet.

Read the whole thing.

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