Someone’s right & freedom to participate

People allow themselves to say the most bizarre nonsense on this subject.

The thing is Samantha Lewis isn’t just a random bystander (like me for example). She’s a women’s football writer. This makes her questions extremely odd – like a doctor asking “What is the point of medicine? Why do we interfere with people’s right to be sick?”

Why should success in sport trump someone’s right & freedom to participate? Because that’s how competitive sport works. You can definitely have games and matches that are just for fun, and open to everyone who wants to play, but a huge number of people who love sports love to watch and/or participate in the kind where there are winners, which entails that there are also losers. That kind of sport necessarily trumps most people’s “right” to participate, because of the win/lose dichotomy. Sports writers, surely, are aware of this, because if they weren’t, how would they have become sports writers?

Second question: Why should a medal or a record take priority over someone’s life? Er – it doesn’t. The losers aren’t executed. Players who don’t make the team aren’t executed.

But that’s silly, it can’t be what she meant. So what did she mean? I guess she meant why should a medal or a record take priority over someone’s happiness or plans or career as a star athlete. But then the answer is, again, embarrassingly obvious. Because that’s how it works. Again: you can have sports that aren’t organized that way, that are everyone playing for the fun and exercise, that don’t choose the best players and exclude the worst – but you also have the other kind, which by the way is the kind that sports writers write about.

So what is the point of all these idiotic questions? What is the point of pretending it’s unfair to exclude men from women’s sports while not pretending it’s unfair to exclude professional athletes from children’s sports? What is the point of all this elaborate dummery?

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