Calling themselves “Gold Command”

I saw this from Dennis so I hared off to find the details.

Calling themselves “Gold Command” ffs. Apparently it’s a police thing, and Gold is of course the top rank, so they’re like Eisenhower on D-Day. Not that they’re at all stuck on themselves.

So I quested and found the Telegraph:

An investigation into Baroness Falkner of Margravine’s work as the Equalities and Human Rights Commission chairman, which has been condemned by her allies as spurious, was suspended on Friday following a backlash from 54 peers and outcry across the political spectrum.

Officials had filed a dossier of 40 complaints alleging “bullying”, “discrimination”, “harassment” and a “lack of psychological safety”, targeted at both [Kishwer Falkner] and her board of 12 expert commissioners, who have powers in statute to make all its policy decisions on equality law.

The complaints began when the EHRC pivoted to settle the transgender debate since Lady Falkner took charge, including by taking gender-critical views into account, which has infuriated trans activists.

Pivoted to settle the debate? It’s not clear to me what that means. The rest of the sentence is clear enough though.

Her allies said it was a “victory for Board over Blob” and called on Marcial Boo, the EHRC chief executive, to resign over the row.

A source close to the EHRC said…

“It’s just tragic. There was an elite group of EHRC people who got together to arrange how they would get rid of her and referred to themselves as ‘gold command’. They came to a consensus view that the only way forward was to get a silk to do an investigation and give the silk all the evidence he would need to find her guilty.”

The dossier, which was said to contain 40 allegedly vague allegations, bemoaned “a lack of psychological safety, i.e. the fear of who will be attacked next” and staff were “worried that the commission is becoming an unsafe place to work”. Another took issue with Baroness Falkner allegedly referring to a trans quiz show contestant as a “bloke in lipstick” in a board meeting, which her allies said was taken out of context.

It looks as if the adults have wrested the controls away from the drunk teenagers…for the moment. Mind how you go; don’t make any sudden moves.

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