Another Murder Committed by Political Islam

Yesterday Theo van Gogh, a journalist and a filmmaker, was brutally murdered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He was murdered because he cared and dared to expose the inherent misogynism in and the brutal nature of Islam. An act, which sadly, nowadays calls for great courage, due to advancements of political Islam and the rise in religion’s influence in the society. He was murdered by political Islam, a reactionary movement that resorts to intimidation and terror as its main tools for gaining power and achieving its goals. This is not the first crime committed by this movement as a way to silence the critics of Islam and Islamists, and if we do not stand against it, it will not be the last. Political Islam is not only making life a hell for millions of living people in countries like Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, it is also taking lives in the heart of Europe. Political Islam is a threat to humankind.

We need to take a firm stand against it. It is time to defend unconditional freedom of speech and criticism. It is time to defend the principle of universality of human rights and women’s rights. It is time to end the so-called diplomatic relations with governments propagating political Islam. It is time to take sides with the aspirations of people for secular and progressive governments in the birthplace of political Islam, countries like Iran and Iraq. Hundreds of people are being killed, massacred everyday under the rule of political Islam. Taking a progressive and human stand against this movement is the way forward. Being silent about it is paramount to supporting it.

We condemn this horrendous crime and call upon all freedom loving and equality seeking human beings to unequivocally condemn this atrocious murder and to take a firm and uncompromising position against this movement.

Azar Majedi
Organisation for Women’s Liberation-Iran
November 3, 2004

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