The New Humanist Manifesto

The New Humanist Manifesto

1. There are lots and lots of atheists and agnostics and people who really don’t know really what to think, or why.

2. We need to build a movement just for them.

3. And a big table.

4. Atheists and agnostics really need to discover the wisdom of the Buddha…

5. And Rainbow Love.

6. The problem with the Old Humanism is that it is Old.

7. The New Humanism is New. This is fundamental.

8. In the new humanism, everything will be tentative. For example, if someone asks us, “What do you stand for?” we must not take offense. We must say: “Why is that important to you?”

9. Similarly, if an Anti-New Humanist attacks us, we must say, “Why are you attacking us? Have some green tea and relax.”

10. The New Humanism is hopeful. The Old Humanism was critical. It is not our job to be critical. It is our job to be hopeful.

11. We are religious atheists. We believe that there is no God, and that Jews are his chosen people. Likewise, the Chinese, Inuit, Low-achievers, etc.

12. There is no contradiction in this. New Humanists have risen above contradiction to the All Embracing.

13. And Rainbow Love.

14. Everything is Mood.

15. New Humanists have no scripture.

16. New Humanists have a Project: their Project is to re-write Woody Allen’s “Life is Worth Living” speech in Manhattan.

17. Start Now.

18. The New Humanism is not a fad. It is not a cult. It is not a religion. If you are pressed, say “It is not anything in particular.”

19. Men are equal to women, All people of the earth should have equal rights. Everyone. There should not be discrimination based on race, sex, gender, sexual orientation or class. Democracy is better than slavery. Assault weapons should be banned. The New Humanism is the first movement in world history to teach this doctrine.

20. In re-writing Woody Allen’s speech, replace “Tracy’s face” with “that special someone,” Otherwise, do what you want.

21. America is a great country. It may not be the greatest country. This is fundamental.

22. Truth is negotiation, often confused with correspondence to facts.

23. Facts have two sides, your side and my side.

24.. Everything is Narrative.

25. And Rainbow Love.

The New Humanism conference was held in April 2007 at Harvard.

R. Joseph Hoffmann, PhD
Senior Vice President,
Director of the CFI Institute
Center for Inquiry International

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