Canadian Public Schools Must Remain Secular

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is promoting segregation by adopting a policy that allows religious influence within the school system. TDSB recently permitted students at Valley Park Middle School on Overlea Blvd to have prayer services in the cafeteria. This is another attempt of political Islam to recruit youth. It will not take long before other religious leaders push for their own space in schools.

Homa Arjomand proclaims that“schools will become a battle ground between various religious groups. Segregation does not stop here. Soon under the influence of religious leaders with political agendas, there would be a huge confrontation between students of so called one faith with the children of another faith, undermining the enforcement of the secular school system that certainly plays an important role towards integration”.

“TheToronto District School Board is playing a dangerous game with children and it needs to stop right now before turning schools to a perfect breeding ground for the growth of extremists. Schools are supposed to be a place where children develop personal autonomy, critical thinking and reasoning; a place to achieve universal social values and not a base to recruit youth to various sects or cults.”

“The Government of Ontario needs to end interference of religion in all public sectors, in order to protect the wellbeing of children” added Ms. Arjomand.

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