Stop the Death by Stoning of a Woman in Iran

Hajiyeh Esmaelvand lives in the city of Jelfa in Iran. She has been condemned to death by stoning. The Islamic court in Iran has given verdict of execution by stoning to be carried out 2 weeks from now for having sexual relations out side marriage.

Think about it, a lot of people all over the world are looking forward to some time off and the celebrations that they are going to have in two weeks time. The Christmas and New Year season just around the corner. In another part of the world a woman is suffering with the trauma and fear of the deadly moment awaiting her.

The Islamic government of Iran is planning to kill a human being by casting stones at her. She is to be buried in a ditch up to her neck and stoned to death. This is the reality of Islam in power. It must be stopped.

In the past, through our intensive work and international support we have managed to stop stonings in Iran and Nigeria. We can do it again.

Join us to save Hajiyeh’s life. Support us in putting pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran to ban stoning.

Recommended actions:

Write to the Iranian President Mohammad Khatami demanding:

Immediate abolition of stoning and all other forms of punishment for extra-marital relations and all other Sharia laws;

Immediate release of Hajiyeh Esmaelvand and all those imprisoned for extra-marital relations.

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