Gravity, or Paranoia II

Here it is, another day. Well, I must admit, we were all quite surprised. None of us expected it. For quite a while now all the old certainties have been collapsing – as you well know. After all, none of us is ever likely to forget that day when it was realised that gravity was merely a part of that Social Construct of the Western Male Patriarchy called ‘Science’.

Now, things no longer fall to Earth as they used to in the bad old unreformed days and everything floats as freely as possible. We are no longer bound to the Earth by the patriarchal dictates of the White Male Industrial-Military-Scientific Hegemony and all float free in perfect equality, whatever our gender, race, creed or political beliefs. True equality is ours at last.

However, I have heard malicious rumours that there are still some aeroplanes up in the sky, caught out on that day. Their crews and passengers – of course – all long dead as they circle the endless skies. Of course, they claim, no-one dares go up there to get them down, in case they too suffer the same fate. But, I think we can quite easily dismiss such talk as counter-revolutionary, and – equally – dismiss such notions of so-called ‘proof’ that ‘they are clearly visible up there’ as an unfortunate hang-over from pre-enlightened days. After all, what is ‘proof’, but yet another manifestation of the pervasive way that the old ‘scientific’ hegemony corrupted our natural – and therefore – pure and good right to see things the way we want to see them? Just yet another manifestation of that whole corrupting notion of alleged evidence, which is – as we all now know – little more than so-called science’s ideologically corrupt propaganda.

It – of course – also has become a fair bit colder since the Earth began to wander off its orbit, and – as I said – days these days do tend to be a bit of a hit and miss affair. But there is no way any of us would go back – want, or need, to go back – to those bad old unenlightened days of The Dominant White Male Hieratically Imposed Semi-Fascist Ideology Of Science that so corrupted us all back in now what seems like another Dark Ages.

Now – at last – we are truly free, as free as the Earth is to wander the solar system and beyond, free to make up our own equally valid personal realities, and to never again suffer the indignity of occasionally falling over that once so distorted our self-esteem and growth potential as full, free and equal human beings.

This article was first published at Stuff and Nonsense and is published here by permission.

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