Organisation for Women’s Liberation Conference

In commemoration of the 8 March centennial, OWL is organising a conference against religious and traditional misogynist practices. Violence against women justified by defence of family honour, forced marriages and imposition of the veil on underage girls are only a few brutal examples of such practices. In light of the Islamist movement’s offensive on women’s rights and lives, not only in counties under the rule of Islam but also in the west, and a global campaign to promote Shalria law, OWL feels the urgent need to mobilize a global force to counter political Islam and promote secularism in order to safeguard women’s rights and safety. Secularism is an important pillar of a society free of misogyny. This conference is a step towards this goal.

Veteran women’s rights activists, secularists, experts in socio-therapeutical work aiding victims of violence, and artists are coming together to make a memorable evening in defence of women’s rights and secularism, and against political islam, Islamist offensive and the new wave of religious movements.

OWL will also like to use this important occasion to bring to the attention of the world the lot of many imprisoned opposition activists in Iran, among them women’s right actvists, labour and student activists. A well-known Iranian poet and playwright, who has launched an important campaign to free student activists, is invited to read some of his poems.

Come and join us to celebrate the 8 March centennial together and join forces to push back the religious offensive and build an international secularist movement for women’s rights and a better world.

The conference will be in English, Swedish and Persian.

Speakers and guests:

Homa Arjmand, Coordinator of Campaign against Sharia Law

Diba Ali Khani, women’s right activist and organiser of 8 March events in Sanandaj, Iran

Rasool Awla, sociologist and psychologist, from Organisation of Men Against Violence Against Women

Maria Hagberg, social worker and the chair for a shelter for girls threatened by “honour violence”

Iraj Janati Ataei, poet, playwright and human rights activist

Azar Majedi, Chair of Organisation for Women’s Liberation- Iran

Houzan Mahmoud, spokes-woman Organisation of Women’s Freedom-Iraq

Sara Mohammad, Chair of Never Forget Pela and Fadme (two victims of honour killings)

Mitra Iranian, modern choreographer and dancer, performing a dance entitled Freedom

Venue: Gothenburg, Sweden

Lundby centrum, Wieselgrensplatsen ovanpå Coop Forum

Date: Friday 7 March 2008

Time: 19:00-23:00

Contact: Shahla Noori, phone: +46- (0)737 262622

Azar Majedi,

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to participate, please register.

Organisation for Women’s Liberation

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