On the Occasion of 8th March, International Women’s Day

8th March is a day of equality of women and men. It is a day when, once again, the progressive sections of society organise a struggle against discrimination and the lack of women’s rights in the world. 8th March is a reminder of the suppressive and unequal position of women everywhere. It is also a reminder of the protests against the inhumane situation of women. The Organisation for Women’s Liberation is at the forefront of this struggle and movement for unconditional and complete freedom of women and men in Iran.

We are celebrating 8th March at a time when the women’s liberation movement has become one of the strongest determining elements of the future changes in Iran. It has become clear that these changes will not culminate without women’s liberation and equality. Women’s demands have occupied a special place in the society’s demands for freedom and equality.

The movement for women’s liberation is, at the present time, the flagship of No to Inequality, No to Discrimination, No to Sexual Apartheid, No to the Veil, and is the flagship of defence of Women’s Rights against Cultural Relativism, defence of Secularism, and the struggle against Political Islam. The progressive movement for women’s liberation has, through its activities and influence in many protests, succeeded in pushing back and defeating the Islamic regime’s attacks against women. The presence of a radical women’s movement is an undeniable reality in Iran. The political changes in Iran are a reflection of the organisation and struggle which are taking shape within the women’s movement on the eve of International Women’s Day. The women’s movement in Iran is, once again, going to demonstrate to the world its protest against this medieval regime.

Women and men!

The measure of society’s freedom is freedom of women. To achieve freedom we must overthrow the medieval Islamic rule. So long as this regime is ruling, women and the society will not be free. The struggle for women’s freedom is part of the general struggle for freedom, equality and welfare.

The Organisation for Women’s Liberation urges all to gather round the following demands:

No to the Veil

No to Sexual Apartheid

No to Suppression

Long Live Freedom and Equality of women and men

Long Live Secularism

These are the demands of the movement for women’s liberation at every conference, demonstration and gatherings. Towards a fantastic 8th March celebration!

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