Unveil Women in Iran!


The women’s liberation movement in Iran has earned the respect and admiration of all. It has not let the Islamic regime to rest for even one second. Any progression of this movement is tantamount to a huge set back of this misogynous regime. There has been 30 years of constant conflict and battle between women’s liberation movement and the Islamic regime. By imposing the Islamic veil and gender apartheid, the Islamic regime has kept the society in captivity.

Today, the mass protest movement has resolutely come forth. Society is in an upheaval. The balance of forces has turned towards people and liberation from tyranny. It is exactly in such situation that the brave and freedom loving women in Iran should conquer yet another milestone in their struggle against the Islamic regime, against slavery and misogyny in defence of people, freedom and equality. It is high time to throw the veils out and put an end to gender apartheid. It is high time to unveil, this symbol of women’s slavery and subservience.

Brave and libertarian women!

Let us make history in the name of liberation. Let us mark the name of women’s liberation movement in Iran in the history of women’s liberation against Islamic misogyny. Unveiling, during these historic days will take us forward and send shivers down the regime’s spine.

Long Live Women’s Liberation
No to Women’s suppression!
No to Women’s Oppression!

Azar Majedi
17 June 2009

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