Bishop Oyedepo: A Slap in the Name of Jesus

A video clip of Bishop Oyedepo where this charlatan slapped a young lady during a deliverance session was being circulated on the internet but has now been taken down.

The first time I saw the link, I thought it was a joke; I thought it was something made up by someone who wanted to blackmail Oyedepo, who is the general Overseer of the Living Faith Church (aka Winners Chapel).

But after watching it I had no doubt that it was real. This is not only because of what transpired as recorded in this video clip but also what I know goes on in pentecostal churches and prayers houses across the country – impunity, torture, inhuman and degrading treatment by pastors.

I have been wondering what really caused this so called man of God to loose his temper and get so ego-bashed during the sham deliverance session to the extent of slapping an innocent young woman in public. I guess the lady did not understand the trick and so could not play along so she got punished.

The lady in question, who appears to be in her 20s, apparently came out seeking deliverance or ministration as they call it from Oyedepo. But unfortunately she got more than she bargained for – a dirty slap from the eye-bulging man of God instead.

According to the video clip, Oyedepo shouted ‘ Broken in the name of Jesus!’ in an attempt to psych the members and get them into the docile mood for the spiritual abracadabra. And the church members replied: Amen. He moved towards the lady who was among those kneeling down and asked “You have been there for how long?” And the lady replied “I am not a witch. I am a witch for Jesus.”

And Oyedepo retorted “You are what?” The lady said ” My own witch is for Jesus.”

And Oyedepo , after staring at her for a while said “You are a foul devil. Do you know who you are talking to? Foul Devil…” And he slapped her.

“Where are you from?” he asked. And the young woman, who was already traumatized, replied that she hailed from Imo state. “Where did you get the witch from?” Oyedepo queried. And she repeated what she said earlier, that she was a witch for Jesus.

Oyedepo rebuked her saying, “Jesus has no witches. You are a devil. You are not set for deliverance. You are free to go to Hell.”

This less-than-2-minutes video clip is a clear evidence of what goes on in these so called churches during deliverance or exorcism, particularly how the so-called men and women of God abuse the rights of members with impunity. Many pastors subject their members and those who come to them for prayers to torture, inhuman, abusive and degrading treatment in the course of deliverance or in the name of casting away the devil or demons.

And unfortunately such cases of abuse are not reported to the police, and the erring pastors are not prosecuted or punished. The Nigerian faithful must wake up and help end all forms of degrading treatment in God’s name. Nigerians should not allow pastors like Oyedepo to get away with such an abusive treatment.

This video clip is an incontrovertible evidence of an abuse of this church member by Bishop Oyedepo. He should be made to answer for his crimes.

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