Against Sainthood for Benedict Daswa : Why Replace Sangoma Witchcraft with Catholic Witchcraft?
By Leo Igwe, September 18, 2015 Daswa understood the dark and destructive effects of witchcraft belief on the society and the imperative of proactive skepticism in social and cultural reformation.
A Milestone in International Freethought
By Center for Inquiry, August 31, 2015 The Center for Inquiry is delighted to announce the formation of its first branch in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
African Atheist Woman Reveals Why She is in the Closet
By Leo Igwe, August 22, 2015 Sara is of the view that declaring her atheism would cost her a lot in terms of family support and social capital.
Humanism and Anti-Intellectualism in Nigeria
By Leo Igwe, August 17, 2015 Not many Nigerians know about the campaigns by humanists against witch hunting, blasphemy law and harmful traditional practices.
Save the Kano Nine: An Open Letter to Buhari, Ganduje and Sanusi
By Andrew Copson and Leo Igwe, July 2, 2015 We are appalled that a death sentence should be considered a legally enforceable punishment in any circumstance. In this case where the “offence” committed appears to be little more than the expression of a minority religious belief, the death sentence is particularly disproportionate and constitutes an egregious violation of the right to life.
Humanism and the New Pessimism
By Bill Cooke, June 28, 2015 The genius of Western monotheistic religions is their ability to disguise a colossal conceit under the fake shroud of humility.
Kpatinga: Another ‘Witch’ Village in Ghana Kpatinga: Another ‘Witch’ Village in Ghana
By Leo Igwe, April 8, 2014 These women have been forced to adopt Kpatinga as their home and community, as the only safe place to be and to live for now, if not forever.

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Tarek Fatah on death threats over free speech *

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