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The clouds on the horizon

One from last Saturday, that I missed because there’s a lot. I’m missing most of it, I promise you. I hear reports, but I don’t see most of it.

It’s on Melby’s blog. Melby is one of the worst. The post is by H J Hornbeck. It starts on a friendly note, to soften you up.

It was about a year ago, I think, that I walked up to Ophelia Benson and said she was my favorite blogger on FtB. I adore her writing style, which feels like a conversation between old friends, and her frequent posts on international news were a breath of fresh air.

Even as those words were escaping my lips, though, I could see clouds

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Save the Kano Nine: An Open Letter to Buhari, Ganduje and Sanusi
By Andrew Copson and Leo Igwe, July 2, 2015 We are appalled that a death sentence should be considered a legally enforceable punishment in any circumstance. In this case where the “offence” committed appears to be little more than the expression of a minority religious belief, the death sentence is particularly disproportionate and constitutes an egregious violation of the right to life.
Humanism and the New Pessimism
By Bill Cooke, June 28, 2015 The genius of Western monotheistic religions is their ability to disguise a colossal conceit under the fake shroud of humility.
Kpatinga: Another ‘Witch’ Village in Ghana Kpatinga: Another ‘Witch’ Village in Ghana
By Leo Igwe, April 8, 2014 These women have been forced to adopt Kpatinga as their home and community, as the only safe place to be and to live for now, if not forever.
Interview with Rebecca Goldstein on Plato at the Googleplex, philosophy for the public, and everything
By Rebecca Goldstein, March 20, 2014 Our culture has relapsed back into the kind of self-aggrandizing, self-glorifying answers that the Athenians had presumed, which had Socrates railing against them until he got so annoying that they killed him.
The Good Juror Pose The Good Juror Pose
By Bruce Everett, February 9, 2014 The presumption of innocence is important for jurors, and for journalists reporting the bare facts of cases like these. This is, however, not so much the case for journalists engaging in meta-analysis, and much less so for the rest of us, especially those discussing rape in informally therapeutic environments.
What to do with all the “Witches”?
By Leo Igwe, December 19, 2013 Witch camps are at least safety nets, however poorly run, for these victims of religion whose believers will kill them for crimes it is impossible for them to have committed.
CFI combating superstition in Uganda
By Bill Cooke, November 9, 2013 So much of what is not understood is attributed to witchcraft and, not infrequently, whoever is identified as the witch ends up dying a horrible death.

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Deeyah on making the documentary “Banaz: a love story” *

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Alabama senator says slavery was good for black people *

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Saudi cleric tells women to wear one-eye niqab *

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Tarek Fatah on death threats over free speech *

The celebrated and controversial Canadian author Irshad Manji received the first “Mansoor Hallaj Freedom of Speech Award” by the Muslim Canadian Congress.… Read the rest

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