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M F Husain yearned to return to India *

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After he moved abroad, right-wing groups continued to vandalize exhibitions that displayed his work.… Read the rest

The myth about Dawkins is just that: a myth *

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The popular meme of Dawkins The Bigot is the creation of the Christian Creationist Right, who loathe him for the power of his advocacy.… Read the rest

None of the monotheistic religions treat men and women equally

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On a far more intelligent note, there’s Katha Pollitt’s conversation with Wajeha al-Huwaider. 

Katha asked

Some Muslim feminists are trying to reinterpret—they would say, correctly interpret—the Koran in a gender-egalitarian way. For instance, they point out the Koran says only that women should dress modestly, not that they need to be swathed from head to toe, or even cover their hair. Do you think there can be a feminist Islam?

The answer is definite:

There is a feminist Islam, mainly led by Muslim women in the West. But they tend to forget that none of the monotheistic religions treat men and women equally, and there’s a limit to what scholarship can do to change that. For example, daughters inherit half

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Surely now they will shut him up

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Oh lordy, it’s Cathy Lynn Grossman again. Again? Yes, there was once before. She’s a Templeton “Fellow,” too, class of 2005. Her schtick is to point in horror at some gnu atheist or other and say how shocking and evil it all is. This time it’s PZ. She’s hoping there’s going to be a Great Cracking of the Whip.

Now that online provocateur PZ Myers, the biologist whose popular Pharyngula blog features profane attacks on religion, is part of the ScienceBlogs lineup coming under National Geographic’s editorial control, will Myers have to evolve to new standards?

Ah the voice of censorious respectability and majority opinion – will someone at last be able to make PZ Myers stop saying … Read the rest

A C Grayling talks to Shiv Malik *

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“A highly educated population is a really great aspiration. Of course you can only do it if you fund it properly.”… Read the rest

Katha Pollitt talks to Wajeha al-Huwaider *

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Muslim feminists “tend to forget that none of the monotheistic religions treat men and women equally, and there’s a limit to what scholarship can do to change that.”… Read the rest

Use of Viagra for war-rape would be a horrific first *

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“Now we are getting some information that Gaddafi himself decided [to authorise the rapes] and this is new.”… Read the rest

ICC says Gadhafi authorized rape as a weapon *

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Chief prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo has now said he may present an additional charge of mass rape.… Read the rest

M F Husain was painting until 2 weeks ago *

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His exhibitions were often attacked by reactionary Hindu groups.… Read the rest

Maqbool Fida Husain dies in exile at 95 *

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He lived by the motto that the confines of religion, caste, creed and color should never restrain a painter.… Read the rest

Poll on Magdalene inquiry *

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Do we have a responsibility to find out what really happened through a full inquiry and criminal prosecutions?… Read the rest

Minister for Justice to act soon on Magdalene report *

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The UN report called for a statutory inquiry, a “prompt, independent and thorough investigation” into allegations of abuse against the women.… Read the rest

Texas governor Perry issues prayer invitation *

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“There is hope for America. It lies in heaven, and we will find it on our knees.”… Read the rest

Anyone who’s hurting, marginalized, ignored because of their lack of religion

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Hemant Mehta interviewed Damon and Jerrett Fowler a few days ago. Jerrett wants people not to forget about it and move on to the next thing.

My biggest fear is that, since this is the Internet, people will find other places to focus their attention. This is going to be a long and drawn out battle and there is little we can do to make it go faster.

The support so far is amazing, more than I could have ever imagined, however, I hope that the support doesn’t go away. We need the community behind us so that we have the strength to follow this through. This isn’t just for us, this is for everyone out there as well. Anyone

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Right here in River City

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Well here is something I would love to know more about – the early history of the Home of the Good Shepherd in Wallingford, in Seattle. I’ve been familiar with the building that housed it for years, indeed decades. It belongs to the city now, and houses various organizations; the grounds around it are a city park. I think I always vaguely knew it had been some kind of “homeforunmarriedmothers”…but I’ve been learning to treat that archaic term with more suspicion, plus “Good Shepherd” is one of the four orders that ran those houses of horror the Magdalene laundries, so…

So I finally got around to looking it up, and sure enough.

The Home of the Good Shepherd, located at

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Justice for Magdalenes welcomes UN report [pdf] *

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Having suffered torture or ill-treatment, in which the state directly participated, the women have the ongoing right to an investigation and redress.… Read the rest

The horror of Ireland’s Magdalene laundries *

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Ireland locked up more of its citizens than anywhere else in the world – not in prisons, but in psychiatric hospitals, Magdalene laundries and industrial schools.… Read the rest

Pigliucci on William Lane Craig and logical fallacies *

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There are situations where invoking the origin of an idea or belief is actually pertinent to the discussion, and does not constitute a fallacy at all.… Read the rest

James Croft on how not to end a conversation *

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Somebody wants to set up a new college? Bring out the bombs!… Read the rest

Nigel Warburton on how not to end a conversation *

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Ending a conversation with a smoke bomb is very different from spontaneous heckling or angry questioning: it is a form of pre-meditated censorship.… Read the rest