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Stronger Together

Sep 27th, 2023 3:16 pm | By

Via NightCrow, a collection of some of the stupidest arglebargle in a very crowded field: from the YWCA in June 2021:

Trans or Cis, Women Are Stronger Together

Men or Women, Women Are Stronger Together

Bosses or Workers, Workers Are Stronger Together

Rich or Poor, The Poor Are Stronger Together

Be stronger together by no longer being together.

YWCA has always been at the forefront of the women’s rights movement, empowering women since our inception over 160 years ago. For this reason, we remain committed to centering the experiences of BIPOC communities, LGBTQIA+ folks, survivors of gender-based violence, people with disabilities, and immigrant, low income, and unhoused people in our work to eliminate racism and empower women.

“For this reason,” … Read the rest

Not you

Sep 27th, 2023 11:21 am | By

Keeping women safe is not important. Surely everyone knows this by now?

When they say “gender-based” they mean cool gender, exciting gender, new gender, gender for folks. They don’t mean boring old vanilla women.

Still, the invitation did look as though they meant the old humdrum kind.

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Stripped of just about everything

Sep 27th, 2023 10:16 am | By

On a different note – apparently Trump is done.

Donald Trump is no longer in business. 

Worse, the self-proclaimed multibillionaire may soon be personally bankrupt as a result, stripped of just about everything because for years he engaged in calculated bank fraud and insurance fraud by inflating the value of his properties, a judge ruled Tuesday.

His gaudy Trump Tower apartment, his golf courses, his Boeing 757 jet and even Mar-a-Lago could all be disposed of by a court-appointed monitor, leaving Trump with not much more than his pensions as a one term president and a television performer.

It’s because of all those business licenses being cancelled.

Five Trump lawyers were each fined $7,500 for making “frivolous” arguments. 


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Let’s you not talk

Sep 27th, 2023 10:07 am | By

Now let’s read the response:

Dear Drs. Ramona Pérez and Monica Heller,

Open Letter: RE: 2023 AAA/CASCA Annual Meeting Cancellation

We are disappointed that the American Anthropological Association (AAA) and the Canadian
Anthropology Society (CASCA) have chosen to forbid scholarly dialogue at the important joint
conference, themed “Transitions”, to be held in Toronto in November. Our panel, “Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby: Why biological sex remains a necessary analytic category in anthropology”, was accepted on July 13th, 2023 after the submission “was reviewed by the AAA’s Section Program Chairs or by CASCA’s Scientific Committee/Comité Scientifique de la CASCA”. From the time of this acceptance until we received your letter dated September 25th, 2023, no one from the AAA or

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Anthropologists made of crystal

Sep 27th, 2023 9:17 am | By

It gets worse every day. The pushback has gained strength (and pushbackers), but the petulant whiny nonsense from team Gender Idenniny Gets To Cancel ANYTHING It Doesn’t Like gets worse and worse and worrrrrse.

Let’s do see that cancellation letter.

We write to inform you that at the request of numerous members the respective executive boards of AAA and CASCA reviewed the panel submission “Let’s Talk about Sex Baby:

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Sep 27th, 2023 4:05 am | By

Yes just what the public health service needs: lectures on an absurd new ideology that claims fantasy is true while reality is a lie.

Nine hours of listening to a guy in a dainty blouse talking about “trans awareness” – as if there hasn’t been enough public yammering about trans everything yet.… Read the rest

Justice Engeron and Chico Marx

Sep 26th, 2023 5:26 pm | By

The Times on the importance of the ruling that Trump committed fraud:

While the trial will determine the size of the penalty, Justice Engoron’s ruling granted one of the biggest punishments Ms. James sought: the cancellation of business certificates that allow some of Mr. Trump’s New York properties to operate, a move that could have major repercussions for the Trump family business.


The decision could terminate his control over a flagship commercial property at 40 Wall Street in Lower Manhattan and a family estate in Westchester County. Mr. Trump might also lose control over his other New York properties, including Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan and his golf club in Westchester.

See above.

In his order, Justice

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Beyond mere bragging

Sep 26th, 2023 3:34 pm | By

Trump ruled a fraud.

A judge ruled Tuesday that Donald Trump committed fraud for years while building the real estate empire that catapulted him to fame and the White House.

Judge Arthur Engoron, ruling in a civil lawsuit brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, found that the former president and his company deceived banks, insurers and others by massively overvaluing his assets and exaggerating his net worth on paperwork used in making deals and securing financing.

Engoron ordered that some of Trump’s business licenses be rescinded as punishment, making it difficult or impossible for them to do business in New York, and said he would continue to have an independent monitor oversee the Trump Organization’s operations.

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Guest post: The banner of forced teaming

Sep 26th, 2023 3:19 pm | By

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on Mandatory shop bags.

How is it the shop’s business to have anything to say about a customer’s decision to accept or reject a shopping bag? The “Progressive Pride” flag is not, as we have discovered, a neutral statement. It’s no longer even friendly. It is the banner of forced teaming, of aggressive, insistent parasitism of trans activism on gay and lesbian rights. It is a statement of a political ideology and religious belief. It is the promotion of an anti-that is profoundly anti-women. It is the flag of an occupying army flexing its muscles in yet another power play, and the shop’s behaviour confirms it: they called the fucking policeRead the rest

Surrogacy Program Manager

Sep 26th, 2023 3:04 pm | By

Donor Concierge introduced Kylee on Facebook in August 2020:

Introducing Donor Concierge’s new Surrogacy Program Manager: Kylee Warren!

Kylee joined Donor Concierge in 2020, and she has over 8 years of experience working in the third party fertility field.

Oh is that what they call it. “Third party fertility” – how elegant – how mollifying. It’s not renting a woman to cook someone else’s baby, it’s third party fertility. Public Relations wins another round.

She previously worked for a top U.S. fertility clinic, focusing on egg donation and gestational surrogacy. Kylee recently earned her Masters in Global Public Health and holds a BS in Health Sciences and Pre-Nursing. Kylee’s deep medical experience, passion for family building and leadership have

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Most institutions have at least one

Sep 26th, 2023 11:08 am | By

Helen Joyce explains one reason so many institutions have gone all trans-ideology:

…by now most institutions have at least one senior employee who has socially, and perhaps medically, transitioned a child—and who is likely to spend the rest of their lives justifying that decision to themselves.

It’s a terrible, difficult choice, what to do about it, she says: make their child furious and miserable, or make their child happy at least in the short term.

But that second option amounts to a promise to the child that parents cannot keep without involving everyone else in a pretence. If you tell your child that yes, he “really is a girl” or she “really is a boy”, you require all the rest

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Mandatory shop bags

Sep 26th, 2023 9:58 am | By

Meanwhile, if the shop hands you a carrier bag (one you have to pay for) and it has anything about trans world on it, it is against the law for you to refuse it.

How is the shop entitled to control who says what in “the shop’s vicinity”?

The police ignore rape but get very busy on gender heresy in public.… Read the rest

Kylee explains

Sep 26th, 2023 8:59 am | By

Holy shit this is disgusting.

The Valley Girl accent and vocal fry don’t help, but the content is………..the word for it doesn’t exist. I need a mashup of horror and disgust and rage. The sanctimonious bloodless corporate-speak about renting women to gestate babies “to the specifications” of the smart shopper – it’s grotesque and foul.

“What this matching process entails is a gestational carrier through a vetted agency that has undergone a stringent medical review”… Read the rest


Sep 26th, 2023 8:10 am | By

Will it ever sink in? Will they ever get the point? Will they ever stop saying this?

But it isn’t “for who we are.” THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT. It’s “for who we are not.” The demand is for respect and recognition of a fiction, a game, a lie – a fiction-game-lie that intrudes on and weakens the rights of other people, … Read the rest

Hur hur we’re celebrating

Sep 26th, 2023 1:59 am | By

Women win a volleyball tournament. Men storm the court and run around jerking off.

Santo Amaro University has expelled several students after footage of them went viral this week.

The ugly scenes in São Paulo, Brazil, saw male students from the futsal team sitting on the sidelines watching the women’s volleyball team with their pants around their ankles.

After the team won the volleyball championship at São Camilo University, the players stormed the court and appeared to perform a group masturbation celebration.

As one does…if one has nothing but contempt for women.

São Camilo University confirmed the incident originally took place in April, though footage of the moment went viral over the weekend.

Cool cool. So it was no … Read the rest

Rosie Needs Money

Sep 26th, 2023 1:35 am | By

The new Dick and Jane book. See Dick pay for sex; see Jane used by Dick.

The city of Berlin has prompted outrage from locals after offering a graphic picture book on prostitution to children via its official website. The book, titled Rosie Needs Money (Rosi sucht Geld), is advertised as a resource for youth aged 6 to 12 years old.

For the girls in case they want to go into the trade, for the boys in case they want to look forward to paying women to be raped.

Bizarrely, the book concludes with quotes from children and young people who live in areas where street prostitution takes place. Most of the sentiment is overwhelmingly negative, and

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Guest post: A pyramid scheme where the product is “progressive values”

Sep 25th, 2023 5:50 pm | By

Originally a comment by Artymorty on Safe haven:

Even if we granted that adolescents who are “really” transgender would feel so bad they might commit suicide if they didn’t get surgeries to “correct” their genitals, the inextricable flipside of that is that adolescents who turn out to be “not really” transgender would feel so bad they might commit suicide if they did get surgeries which rendered their genitals “incorrect.”

Surely, then, it would be best to wait until they’re adults for surgeries. The risk of enduring a couple years in adolescence with the “wrong” genitalia is far outweighed by the risk of enduring the entirety of one’s adult life with genitalia that’s been surgically rendered “incorrect.”

That’s granting an … Read the rest

Be careful what you give a standing ovation for

Sep 25th, 2023 2:24 pm | By

Wouldn’t you think Canadian MPs would know a little about WWII? It’s a long time ago but not that long, and anyway it cast a very long shadow. A very very very fucking long shadow, on account of the many millions of people who were killed, and on account of the gruesome specter of genocide. On account of the UN and the UDHR, on account of nuclear weapons, on account of the Bloodlands.

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The inanely grinning

Sep 25th, 2023 11:41 am | By

Governed by imbeciles:

Full tweet:

It seems the ‘conversion therapy’ ban is over, for the time being at least. Thank God.

But let’s not forget the inanely grinning, brain-dead MPs (of all parties) who held up these placards in May of last year, advocating a policy which would have criminalised anyone trying to *prevent* tomboy girls and camp boys from being steered towards untested

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New science or new human rights?

Sep 25th, 2023 10:12 am | By

Sastra raises the perennial question of what we are talking about when we talk about how “some women have a penis” [and related subjects, which are infinite in number]. She asks if it’s a matter of new discoveries in science or new sensitivities to human rights, which is a very good question.

I was thinking about the purported “new sensitivities to human rights” yesterday, wondering for the billionth time why there is such heightened sensitivity to and compassion for men who claim to be women when there was never such sensitivity to and compassion for feminist women with their old sensitivities to human rights. Why are the sensitivity and compassion so very heightened, so frantic, so loud, so hyperbolic, so … Read the rest