Ah yes, of course. Naturally if a woman is cast to play the Doctor in Doctor Who, it is necessary to report that she has at some point been naked in front of a camera. That’s the important thing. GETCHER TITS OUT.

The Sun and Mail Online have been accused of being “reductive and irresponsible” after publishing nude photographs of Jodie Whittaker in articles covering the announcement that she is the new star of Doctor Who.

Reporting the BBC’s announcement on Sunday that Whittaker would be the first female Doctor, both publications ran articles about Whittaker appearing naked or topless in previous acting work, illustrating the stories with stills.

Stills of TITS. Because TITS. Because look, if you’re going to get a woman involved, then you have to let us ogle her TITS. It’s only fair.

The Sun published the photographs under the headline “Dalektable” – a reference to the Daleks, an enemy of the Doctor. The article covered pages four and five of the newspaper and described Whittaker’s “saucy screen past”. Mail Online’s article was headlined “Doctor Nude!” and also featured naked and topless photos of previous male Doctors, including Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith.

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