90 minutes of random

The White House has the whole transcript of Trump blathering for an hour and a half yesterday. I’m afraid I will have to say more about it, because I just have to.

But the southern border is a very, very high — highly used placed by people that do human trafficking.  How can it get worse than that?

There’s a reason why politicians and wealthy people build walls around their houses and their compounds.  President Obama recently built a wall around his compound.  There’s a reason for it.  And I don’t blame him.

The reasons politicians do it can be different from the reasons rich people do it. One reason Obama needs a lot of security is Donald Trump himself. The birther shit. That crooked puffed-up moron put a bigger target on Obama with the birther shit. So there’s that.

Of course, Obama didn’t build a wall around his house (and he doesn’t have a “compound”).

We’re in a shutdown because Democrats refuse to fund the border security.  They try and make it like it’s just about the wall, and it is about the wall.  I said, over the weekend, to a number of people that, you know, the wheel, the wall — there are some things that never get old.

No comment necessary.

You know, frankly, if this administration didn’t take place, if another administration came in instead of this administration — namely Mike and myself, and the group around this table — you’d be at war right now.  You’d be having a nice, big, fat war in Asia.  And it wouldn’t be pleasant.  And instead of that, we’re getting along fine.  I’m not in any rush.  I don’t have to rush.  All I know is there’s no rockets; there’s no testing.

If Clinton had won we would now be at war with North Korea? I’m not seeing it.

So, you know, I think my relationship, I will tell you, with the leaders of Europe is very good.  A lot of them don’t even understand how they got away with it for so many years.  I’ll say to Angela, and I’ll say to many of the other leaders — I’m friends with all of them — I’ll say, “How did this ever happen?”  And they sort of go like, “I can’t believe it either.”  They can’t believe it.  You know why?  Because they had presidents and other people within administrations in the past that allowed them to get away.  Like some of them would say, “Well, no one ever asked us to pay.”

Yes, that happened, I’m so sure.

But at least he knows what to do about health care.

So, I’m a great flexible guy.  We were part of that lawsuit, as you know.  And a great judge, highly respected from Texas, said the individual mandate is out.  That means that we should win at the Supreme Court, where this case will go.

Now, when we do, we will sit down with the Democrats and we will come up with great healthcare.  Far better.  Far better.  We’ll have everything included.  We’ll have everything included.  Far better.  Because Obamacare is too expensive, the premiums are way too high, and the deductibles don’t exist.  I mean, the deductibles, you can’t even use it.  The deductible is so high.  Unless you get hit by a tractor, you can’t even use it.  Nobody has ever seen anything like it.  The deductibles are so high.

Obamacare is a tremendous failure.  But now that we won the individual mandate, and that’s — which, by the way, was by far the most unpopular.  It was by far the most unpopular thing in Obamacare.

So there will be much better health insurance, with everything included. He said that twice. Everything included. The premiums will be much lower, and the deductibles will be much lower too. It will be fantastic.

The only question is how it’s going to be funded. He forgot to explain that part. No individual mandate, and of course no Medicare for all or single payer or any socialist thing like that there, so the question is…what? What, then? But he forgot to say. I think he always does forget to say. He thinks he can bring the premiums down and bring the deductibles down and cover everything and ditch the individual mandate and not do anything about the funding. That’s why he always has to forget to explain how that will work.

And then he tells a spectacular lie.

I have great popularity in Utah.  I love the people of Utah.  I did something for them that nobody else would’ve done that has to do with their parks, as you know.  That was a big day — a big thing.  And we did that for a very special person, who is now going to be retiring after 42 years.  You know who I’m talking about.  Our great friend, our great senator, who is really a spectacular man.  And also for Mike Lee, who really pressed it very hard.  So Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee.

And the people of Utah really appreciate what I did for hundreds and hundreds of miles of park that they’ll be able to now use, as opposed to not.

No. Developers will be able to “use” the hundreds and hundreds of miles of park, while everyone else will not.

I’ll save his explanation of recent Russian history for later.

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