Cares of state

Trump is spending his Sunday thinking about the tragedies in El Paso and Dayton, and worrying about what Kim will do next.

I kid. He’s spending it yammering about the people on his teeeveee.

So funny to watch Little Donny Deutsch on TV with his own failing show. When I did The Apprentice, Donny would call me (along with @ErinBurnett & others) and BEG to be on that VERY successful show. He had the TV “bug” & I would let him come on though he (& Erin) had very little....TV talent. Then, during the 2016 Election, I would watch as Joe Scarborough & his very angry Psycho wife(?) would push Donny to the point of total humiliation. He would never fight back because he wanted to stay on TV, even on a very low rated show, all in the name of ambition!

President of the United States.


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