In the shoes of others

While awaiting developments in the impeachment process, I stumble over (sigh) Tim Minchin being a jackass.

I’m excited that so many people are so interested in the @OldVicTheatre at the moment! I look forward to hearing more about what you think of their amazing shows, fantastic community outreach programs, training & scholarships, and the wonderful work they’ve done over the…

… last 2 years to fund-raise for & carry out a complex renovation to make this historic 200 yr old building accessible for those who don’t do stairs 😊❤️. The Old Vic is not tax-payer funded, but does amazing work, carried out by passionate people who think very carefully..

… about the art they generate, the environment they create, and their role in increasing diversity in theatre. You might well have a sensible view to express regarding the signage on their new loos, but I do hope you will also take the time to drop in and experience the…

… gorgeous new foyer, bars and – yes – lavatories, and say hi to some of the wonderful, hard-working, caring team there. Most importantly, I hope you purchase a ticket & watch a show! Theatre is to my mind the form of storytelling that most profoundly, most immediately…

… and most viscerally helps place me in the shoes of others. Some of y’all could do with a dose, I reckon. Righto. Long live the @oldvictheatre. I’ll go back to obsessively checking my privilege now. It’s probably fallen down the back of my massive fucking velvet sofa. xx

By “the shoes of others” he of course doesn’t mean the shoes of women who don’t want to walk past a row of men at urinals or use an all-genders set of cubicles.

Several people tried to set him straight, and he somehow got himself to this point:

They were mostly raising money for accessibility. They also said they’d increase the number of toilets for women. I am open to the criticism they failed. But this I‘m pretty sure of: neither you (nor Perez/Ditum et al) really give a fig about the theatre, its patrons, or its loos

I retorted to that one, but more to the point so did Caroline:

Excuse me? First off, it’s Criado Perez, try to get names right even if they’re foreign please. Second, on what basis are you making that assertion? The fact that I go to the theatre regularly? The fact that I’ve done a whole lot of research on women’s access to toilets?

Here’s my unevidenced assertion right back: you know absolutely nothing about the research on women’s access to toilets, but since you’re a man you still think your opinion is more important than those of people who know what they’re talking about.

There’s a lot of that about.

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