It gets worse

Maybe it’s repeated small strokes.

Barack Obama’s former doctor, who served the 44th president for over two decades before his presidency, voiced concern for Donald Trump’s health after the president’s unscheduled weekend visit to a physician placed his well-being under scrutiny.

Speaking on CNN’s Erin Burnett on Monday’s Erin Burnett OutFront, Dr. David Scheiner expressed his worries about the president’s allegedly failing mental health, which he claims is demonstrated by his occasional inability to string together coherent sentences.

“These aren’t words, these are slips of the tongue,” Scheiner said. “These are words he can’t find and this is happening over and over again. Comedians joke about it, but it’s not a joking matter. I think there is a neurological issue that is not being addressed. And if he’s having an MRI of his head over there, I would be very pleased because I think he needs it.”

“The worry that I have is maybe he’s having small strokes,” Scheiner said. “We’ve had that once before in the White House when Woodrow Wilson was president. His inability to find words is peculiar and has not been explained, and I think one has to think of it as a possible neurological issue.”

His inability to find, say, use words is very peculiar, and very disturbing in his job.

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