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Remembering Srebrenica on the massacre in Christchurch:

Remembering Srebrenica is able to confirm that the terrorist who butchered innocent Muslim worshippers in the Christchurch Mosque attack was listening to a Serbian song glorifying Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadžić who was convicted for the 1995 genocide of Muslims on European soil in Srebrenica in Bosnia.

Whilst driving en route to committing this atrocity, the perpetrator was live-streaming. In the background is the Serbian song that glorified Radovan Karadžić with the lyrics “Wolves are on the move from Krajina. Karadžić lead your Serbs, let them see they fear no one” being played.

And in turn the Serbs were inspired by stories of the Battle of Kosovo in 1389, and no doubt the participants in that battle were inspired by ditties from the 5th century which drew on lore from a previous battle which drew on Homer who drew on Sources Unknown. Fight Fight Fight.

It is distressing to see that the nationalist words which fuelled hatred against Muslims that led to the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Bosnia have resurfaced. Hearing of the glorification of genocidal Serbian extremists during the attack on two mosques in New Zealand has particularly shaken survivors of the genocide and ethnic cleansing who had to flee to safety in Britain and elsewhere in the world. This barbaric act of violence which deliberately targeted ordinary Muslims, who had simply come together to pray in peace, was designed to compromise feelings of safety of Muslims anywhere in the West.

That, and more. I’ve seen references to Dylan Roof as another inspiration, which of course he is.

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