That nobody has ever seen before

Trump gave a speech today. He gave a speech to young people. He told them he has absolute power.

President Donald Trump was candid about the unlimited power he believes he has during a speech at the Turning Point USA Teen Student Action Summit on Tuesday.

After reasserting that investigations into Russia’s election meddling found “no collusion,” Trump claimed, “Then I have an Article II, where I have the right to do whatever I want as President.”

He’s been saying variations on that all along. This is not the first time that childish “whatever I want” has come out of his corrupted mouth. I’ve posted about it before.

In recent months, the president has ramped up his rhetoric on the topic, signaling both his misunderstanding of the executive powers outlined in the Constitution as well as his intent to abuse them. Tuesday’s remarks were just the latest example.

What I’m saying. He has no clue, and he loves to brag about his fantasy powers.

Last month, in an exclusive interview with ABC News, the president defended his right to fire Robert Mueller if he wanted to. “Article II allows me to do whatever I want,” he explained. “Article II would have allowed me to fire him.”

Just two weeks ago, when speaking to reporters, Trump reiterated that there was “no obstruction,” insisting falsely that an investigation cannot be obstructed if it turns out there was “no crime” committed.

“Also, take a look at one other thing,” he said. “It’s a thing called Article II. Nobody ever mentions Article II. It gives me all of these rights at a level that nobody has ever seen before. We don’t even talk about Article II.”

But if it’s in the Constitution how can it be at a level that nobody has ever seen before? The Constitution isn’t a new thing that nobody has ever seen before.

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