As she cried and begged

Out of Florida:

Newly released body-camera footage shows the moment a police officer in Florida arrested a six-year-old girl as she cried and begged not to be taken from school.

Kaia Rolle was led to a police vehicle with her hands fastened behind her back in zip ties after having a tantrum at her school in Orlando that included kicking and punching school personnel.

Later in the story we learn that she has sleep apnea which is thought to affect her behavior.

By the time police officers arrived at the Lucious & Emma Nixon academy, she had already settled down.

In the video, Kaia can be seen seated and listening to a teacher read as officers approach her.

Leading us to wonder what the hell for. If she’s still kicking and punching, surely summoning other adults to help restrain and calm her makes more sense than calling the police, and if she’s not…why are the police even allowed to enter the classroom?

After she asks what the zip ties are for, an officer, Dennis Turner, responds: “They’re for you.”

Kaia starts to cry as a second officer, who has not been identified, binds her wrists.

From this point on the video becomes excruciatingly painful to watch.

“Help me. Help me, please,” she can be heard pleading and crying, as officers restrain her.

As the officers lead her to a patrol SUV, Kaia can be heard saying: “I don’t wanna go in a police car.”

The second officer replies: “You have to.”

“Please, give me a second chance,” she sobs.

And continues to sob. It’s not fake-crying, it’s not tantrum-crying, it’s not rage-crying, it’s frightened pleading child crying, and it’s unbearable. SHE’S SIX YEARS OLD ffs.

Turner was later fired for violating policy. Apparently it’s not policy to terrorize small children.

According to the Orlando police department, a supervisor must first be present to approve the arrest of a child younger than age 12. Turner reportedly did not contact one.

In the clip, he brags about having arrested other minors. and attempts to reassure school officials that the juvenile detention center is not that bad.

He tells administrators he has made more than 6,000 arrests in his career, including of a seven-year-old, for shoplifting. School employees tell him that Kaia is six.

“Now she has broken the record,” Turner replies.

Sadism is too much in fashion in this country.

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