Guest post: “Morality” sounds better than “submit or else”

Originally a comment by iknklast on “Militant secularists” again.

What values exactly, is there some secularist tome I can refer to

Barr probably knows, but assumes his audience doesn’t, or that they agree with him, that the only value they are really concerned about is the value of freedom to make up your own mind about god. The freedom to send your children to school without being converted to a believe they find unacceptable.

Barr believes that what secularists want is like what Christians want – to send their children to school to have their beliefs reinforced, and to convert all the other little kids to their beliefs. Some secularists probably want this, but on the whole, we want our kids taught to think, how to read, how to write and do math, and in general become educated, not brainwashed.

There is a lot of projection in this. The Evangelical Christians want unencumbered access to other people’s kids. They assume that is what the secularists want. They are afraid someone is coming for their kids because they are ‘coming for’ other people’s kids.

In short, the only value at stake here is belief in the god that Barr believes in. That is for so many Christians the true morality. Believing in God, worshiping God, submitting to God, becoming a “servant” to God. And making everyone else do the same.

But if they use the words “moral” and “values”, it sounds better than “submit or else”. They never actually have to specify those morals because everyone else will fill in what they think morality is. And they can see that morality in Trump because he is willing to force everyone to submit. That’s the only moral they really care about; all the rest are window dressing designed for control. Control people’s sex and diet, and you have them in your control. Mostly.

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