Who so recklessly flew

What was that about a contagious person going out for a joy ride with a bunch of people in a car?

The president on Sunday was sharply criticized for leaving the hospital to greet supporters. Doctors and experts said he put the health of the personnel riding with him in the car at risk.

Let’s go back to 2014 for a moment…

In a pair of 2014 tweets being shared online, Trump attacked a New York doctor who had returned from treating Ebola patients in Guinea. Craig Spencer’s positive diagnosis set off a sprawling contact tracing effort, made difficult by the fact that he rode the subway, went to a bowling alley and rode in a taxi.

But here, context is key. Spencer did not know he had the Ebola virus when he used public transport or met up with friends. And, critically, people infected with Ebola cannot spread the disease until they begin to show symptoms, and it cannot be spread through the air.

As such, his travel and activities were not deemed to be a risk to the public because it occurred before he displayed symptoms. No one is known to have contracted the virus from Spencer.

Trump on the other hand…

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