10 beans a day

I saw that Jack Monroe was raising the roof yesterday on the subject of insultingly meager and worthless lunch parcels for children to replace school lunches during lockdown, handed out by people who pocket far more money than the parcels can have cost. The subject exploded and now it’s all over the UK news, with good results.

Clearly the plan is the children will eat the sandwich of one piece of nasty processed “cheese” between two pieces of nasty processed sponge bread, and a potato. On banner days they will be allowed an apple.

The Guardian has more:

The government and the catering companies it has hired have come under fire after photographs of free school meal parcels were circulated online.

The food packages sent to children who qualify for free school meals and are remote learning because of the national lockdown were not considered to contain enough high quality food. The Department for Education said it was looking into the issue, and that “parcels should be nutritious and contain a varied range of food”.

The Guardian talked to some lucky recipients of this dreck.

Mother of three, Karen Phillips, 33, has been forced to spend her rent money on her children’s lunches after receiving a “disgraceful” food parcel from her school last week.

The parcel, intended to last her 12-year-old daughter all week, didn’t contain any carbohydrates except two potatoes, alongside one onion, two peppers, a satsuma, single tomato and carrot, and two eggs wrapped in cling film. The parcel also included one small tub of soup powder, the same sized tub of tuna mayo, and a small bag of grated cheese.

I’d be a lot less worried about the carbs than the protein – of which there is almost none. Two eggs, a small amount of tuna, and a small amount of grated cheese. That’s three lunches at most, so what about the other two days? Gnaw on the potatoes?

Jack again:

It’s appalling. The apples and carrots and tomato and bananas are fine in themselves but they can’t make up for the slap in the face quality of the rest of it. Disgusting worthless pseudo-bread and even worse pseudo-cheese – why not just give them little plastic bags of mud?

Another what Jack Monroe can get for 20 quid:

I frown on the soft white bread in the upper right, but other than that – it’s more and better and 2/3 of the price.

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