The raw deal men are getting

On both sides.

Dominic Raab has rejected the idea that misogyny should become a hate crime in the wake of the Sarah Everard murder, but then appeared confused about its meaning as he suggested it could apply to abuse against either women or men.

You can’t make misogyny itself a hate crime – that’s just stupid. You can point it out and fulminate against it and try hard to convince people to get rid of it, but you can’t make it a crime. It would be like making atheism a crime, or theism, or belief in reincarnation, or not liking grapefruit.

Perhaps the idea is to make it an aggravating factor in crimes against women? That would make a little more sense, I guess.

The justice secretary, who has said he is not a feminist and previously complained about the “raw deal” men are getting, said it was his “number one priority to make sure women feel confident in the justice system”.

I bet it’s not though. I bet he said that because it seemed politic, but I bet it’s not.

However, pressed on BBC Breakfast about whether misogyny should be a hate crime, he appeared not to understand the term as he said “misogyny is absolutely wrong, whether it’s a man against a woman or a woman against a man”.

Well yes, there’s no mere “appearance” about that; he clearly doesn’t understand the term. You can use “sexism” that way but not misogyny, because of the “gyny” bit. The “mis” is hatred and the “gyny” is women. The word he wants is “misanthropy,” hatred of humans.

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