Freedom of speech is not for sale

The images of terrifying and agitated mobs attacking centres and embassies, burning them down and threatening people to murder and decapitations are the cruel face of political Islam.

Obviously governments of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria and other reactionary states together with Hamas and Islamic terrorist gangs are behind these demonstrations, which are all to familiar to us. They have no way other than killing, slaughtering, stoning to death and destroying to gain a share of power or to remain in power.

Wherever they are in the power, they eliminate anyone who thinks differently and won’t submit to their reactionary and inhumane sacred beliefs and wherever they are not, they intimidate in order to score points.

This time round, the publication of a few caricatures has given them an excuse to show their inhumane and destructive capacity for the world to see. This time, the debate is on the freedom of speech.

Some have been intimidated and retreated. There is talk of the limits to freedom of speech and of self-censorship.

This is complete regression. They have put the gains of a century long struggle against church and religion, and dictatorial states up for sale. There are few who dare to defend human principles against this brutal wave.

We must unite against this reactionary wave. Don’t let some mercenaries and gangsters, led by reactionary Islamic states and terrorist gangs, blackmail humanity into a retreat! Don’t be intimidated!

Let us unite and loudly proclaim our defence of humanity and its gains. Let’s defend unconditional freedom of speech. Caricaturists and artists should be free from any limitations and constraints. Political Islam should be pushed back everywhere. This is the task of progressive and secular people. This is the task of millions of oppressed people and victims of political Islam. This is the task of women, youth and people in Islamist countries and of all those against political Islam and Islamic terrorism. Western states cannot (and do not want to) defend freedom of speech. They are intimidated and apologising to terrorists and criminal gangs.

It is up to us. Let’s stand up to them and shape a vast secularist front in defence of freedom of speech.

The above was translated by Arash Sorx.

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