It seems more than coincidental

That little slip-up where Trump appears to have bribed Florida’s Attorney General to decide not to investigate his not-university – that slip-up seems to be getting more journalistic attention. The Boston Globe for instance:

“A minor issue,” Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks told NBC.

That’s disingenuous spin of the first order. It’s also illegal. The Donald J. Trump Foundation, which is organized under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code, clearly violated its tax-exempt status by making the contribution — a fact brought to light in March by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. But this is more than an accounting error. There’s a whiff of scandal that demands full attention from voters who might otherwise be trying to make their post-Labor Day peace with the fact that Trump is now the Republican standard-bearer.

Whiff? More like stench.

It seems more than coincidental that the donation from the foundation was made on Sept. 17, 2013, four days after reports emerged that Bondi’s office was mulling an investigation of fraud charges against Trump University. Bondi never pressed ahead with any probe, and endorsed Trump’s candidacy.

Stenchy enough?

I’ve never liked Bill Clinton’s breezy dismissal of the problem with taking money from bankers and corporations. I hate it that he said “Money shouldn’t buy you influence but it should buy you access.” I hate the way both Clintons have milked their White House tenure for enormous speaking fees. But I’m not aware of anything as stenchy as this apparent bribe to an AG to quash an investigation – and I know they’ve never done anything as stenchy as setting up a disgustingly fraudulent university to winkle money out of desperate, naïve people. They’re not crooks the way Trump is – yet he has the gall to call her “Crooked Hillary.”

Trump has slammed Hillary Clinton about potential conflicts of interest involving Clinton Foundation donors when she was secretary of state. And this page has called on Clinton to shut down the foundation if she is elected. But there is no indication that the Clinton Foundation has misreported donations or made illegal political contributions.

Besides, Trump’s explanation defies belief: Presumably, a real estate tycoon running on his business acumen understands the tax code. And the Huffington Post reported that Trump held a fund-raiser in 2014 for Bondi, after she had decided not to investigate.

Yet there must be trillions of words out there about Clinton’s emails, compared to a few thousand about this skeevy mess.

It’s messed up.

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