The gross normalization of genocidal language

Shaun King at the Daily News (sorry) has more on Allen West and Trump.

The Facebook post evidently wasn’t a problem for President-elect Donald Trump.

West — who previously met with Vice President-elect Mike Pence and a team of Trump’s top national security appointees — visited Trump Tower on Monday for additional meetings.

Of course it wasn’t a problem. Trump isn’t “politically correct.” That’s all we need to know about such things. It’s “politically correct” to refrain from saying Muslims should be exterminated. It’s “politically correct” to look askance at people who say Muslims should be exterminated. It’s bravely defiant and un”politically correct” to do such things and to reward others who do them.

Even if Allen West did not post the graphic, his staff posted it because they apparently thought it accurately represented his views. Not only that, but it was an immensely popular post. Before Facebook deleted it, it was shared 10,000 times and liked nearly 50,000 times. In other words, the message of Trump hiring “Mad Dog” Mattis to exterminate Muslims was a popular one with West’s audience.

What we have here is the gross normalization of genocidal language and threats. Before genocide itself ever begins somewhere, what must first happen is the casual public conversation about it to normalize what is truly being said. Of course, everything about this election and this time that we are living in is immensely different, but what is happening right now with the statement made from Allen West’s Facebook page, and Trump’s public embracing of him, is a dangerous degradation. We should all be deeply troubled.

I am. That’s why I can’t shut up about Trump for a single day, and why he’s distracting me from almost every other subject. I think we’re tumbling into a disaster, and we should at least register our protest, and record the stops along the way.

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