Guest post: The needs of the heartland

Originally a comment by iknklast on Maybe it’s time for Vanity Fair to do one.

Vanity Fair, which looks like it is on its last legs

That’s the same thing he says about every news source he doesn’t like – looks like it is on its last legs. He has no imagination, no creativity, no ability to hold enough phrases in his head to even say anything that isn’t a repeat of what he’s said dozens of times before.

And I wish everyone would shut the hell up about Hillary and focus on what we need to focus on – Donald J. Trump, toddler-in-chief. I am sick of hearing pundits who have never been to the midwest for any reasonable length of time, and mostly drive/fly through (where they are greeted with smiles by polite people who seem nice), but think they can parse the election by accusing her of ignoring the heartland and their needs.

The needs of the heartland are the same as the rest of the country – they need jobs, income, health care, child care, food, clothing, housing, affordable education – all the things that Hillary and Bernie both focused on. She ignored the wants of the heartland – criminalizing abortion, forcing everyone to read the Bible/pray in the schools, keep them furriners out of our country, and re-criminalize same sex orientation. While their at it, they want to force women to take up knitting and quilting as a hobby (see, Vanity Fair? You’re right with the picture here in the hate-filled heartland!), cook and clean, and be “feminine” (i.e. frilly and attractive until they are 30, and then disappear from view into the kitchen, known to exist only by the steady stream of yummy things that emanate from within).

As for Sarah Sanders, her New Years resolution should be to stop lying for money.

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