Guest post: No forced pregnancy, no health care

Originally a comment by iknklast on All for the fetus, nothing for the child.

The Nebraska budget bill is currently stalled in the legislature because the governor managed to get a passage stuck into it to end all Title X funding for any agencies that perform, counsel, or refer for abortions. This would end funding for most of the current Title X agencies, meaning that a lot of low income people wouldn’t be able to get important health care.

The governor is a tea party favorite who is also obscenely rich and has attempted to pack the legislature with people who will agree with him 100% of the time, supporting them with his own money. He is bullying the legislature because there are some Democrats filibustering the bill, and they can’t get the 33 votes required to end debate (they only have 31). This is pretty amusing in some ways, because this is a deep red state with a mostly Republican legislature (although the vote is considered non-partisan). Still, the end result isn’t funny. If the budget bill isn’t passed, funding for services for children on welfare will run out in May. If it is passed, and it doesn’t have the abortion clause, likely the governor will not sign it. If it is passed and it does have the abortion clause, many people will lose all the opportunities they have to get care, not just abortions (which aren’t paid by Title X), but a lot of basic care.

Why do so many people hate women?

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