That gabble of Trump’s this morning actually confirmed that he leaned on Ukraine to lean on Biden.

Trump told reporters on Sunday that his phone call with Zelensky was “absolutely perfect” and that he “did absolutely nothing wrong.”

Trump said his conversation with Zelensky focused on corruption and on “the fact that we don’t want our people, like Vice President Biden and his son, [contributing to] the corruption already in Ukraine.”

He didn’t say “contributing to,” hence the brackets. He said “creating to” – which is gibberish.


Later, he told reporters he “had every right to” bring up Biden because “we don’t want a country that we’re giving massive aid to to be corrupting our system.”

No, he doesn’t have every right to try to bully Ukraine into sandbagging one of his political rivals, using funding Ukraine needs to defend itself against Putin’s Russia. Nope, that’s not a right he has.

Trump signaled he is open to [releasing the transcript] Sunday in Houston, Texas, telling reporters “it would be fine” to release the transcript; he also said he might “give it to a respected source, they can look at it,” but did not specify whether he meant a news source he sees as credible or to someone within the government. He again stood by his words, however, saying of the transcript, “what I said was so good … everybody will say that.”

“Look, Mommy, look, I said words to the nice man! What I said was so good, wasn’t it Mommy? Wasn’t it perfect? Wasn’t it absolutely perfect and so good?”

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