Defining the internal feeling

Going to girly-school:

Trans woman Nicole Thornbur goes to specialist studios to learn how to become more feminine.

But if trans women are women, why does any trans woman need to learn how to become “more feminine”?

Or, more precisely…if trans women are women because they have an internal feeling that they are women, an internal feeling that is absolutely reliable and truth-determining and ungainsayable, an internal feeling that it is evil and criminal to question or doubt, then what possible need can there be to “learn how to be more feminine”? Trans women are women, so whatever they are is feminine enough, because they are women being it.

From that point of view it all seems superfluous. From the point of view that men are men no matter what their internal feelings may be, it seems both ludicrous and obnoxious. We’re not women because we’ve been trained to mince and lisp and look coy, we’re women because that’s the physical reality.

The thing is…that’s what the putative “internal feeling” that you are a woman in fact is: it’s the years of being told it and of dealing with expectations that follow from it, including expectations about how to dress and walk and talk, and what jobs to get and how much education to get and whether or not we get to walk around in the world.

That’s what it is and that’s all it is. Men who want to lisp and act coy should go right ahead, knock themselves out, but they shouldn’t be on women’s soccer teams or in women’s changing rooms.

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