Hotels near Prestwick

The Air Force says oh hmmm you may have a point, we’ll look into it further.

The U.S. Air Force has ordered a world-wide review of how it chooses overnight accommodations on long flights following revelations that air crews had occasionally stayed at President Donald Trump’s Scotland resort while refueling at a small commercial airport nearby.

“Occasionally” – when it should be never. Never never never.

The review comes as additional instances of military personnel staying at Trump properties have been uncovered. The C-17 crew’s overnight stay at Trump’s Turnberry resort in Scotland earlier this year, first reported by POLITICO on Friday, was not an isolated incident.

In September 2018, on its way back to the U.S. from Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, a unit of the Maine Air National Guard landed at Prestwick Airport, the airport closest to Trump’s luxury waterfront resort. The crew and their passengers then spent the night at his hotel, according to one person who was present, an Instagram post and a voucher detailing the crew’s itinerary reviewed by POLITICO.

The Air Force also said the the decision to stay at the Trump resort would have been the result of “a multitude of factors,” including the lack of suitable lodging closer to the civil airport or at a nearby military base. It did not provide evidence that nearby hotels were cheaper or unavailable at the time of the crews’ stays, however.

I’m sorry but that is just not credible.

Funny thing, if you look at Google maps, there are two golf clubs right next to Prestwick, one north and one south. By “right next” I mean they’re the first things you come to. Trump’s club is much farther away. The Marine Hotel, Troon is 400 feet from the Royal Troon golf club just north of Prestwick. $109 per night. Is it likely that Trump’s hotel is cheaper than that? The South Beach hotel, half a mile away, is $113.

How about hotels near Prestwick St Cuthbert Golf Club on the south. Huh, the Premier Inn in Ayr, 1.1 mile away, is a mere $63. Adamton Country House hotel, which looks charming, is $43.

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Come on now, Air Force. Be serious.