And rising

Has the virus just sort of disappeared like a miracle yet?

Not in Florida.

Florida has once again broken its single-day record of coronavirus deaths, as the state struggles to get the virus under control.

Florida health officials announced 156 residents died of coronavirus yesterday, breaking the record of 132 deaths reported on Tuesday morning.

The new figure brings the total number of coronavirus deaths in Florida to 4,677. The state has also confirmed more than 315,000 cases.

The grim news comes as Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, refuses to issue a statewide mask mandate, despite the state’s climbing case count.


Not in Georgia, now the no-mask-mandate state.

Not in – oops – Okinawa.

The coronavirus outbreak in Japan that centres around US military personnel in Okinawa has caused some tension in Japanese-US relations over the last few days. The governor of the southern Japanese island has been urging the military to do more to get to grips with it.

Ramy Inocencio reports for CBS News that the number of infections is up again by two to at least 138. Around 35,000-40,000 personnel are restricted to bases, including families, civilians. Outside the bases, Okinawa has reported only about 150 coronavirus cases.

Our bad! Sorry! Can we interest you in a can of Goya beans?

Not in Los Angeles.

The soaring counts of confirmed infections and a mounting death toll led the mayor of Los Angeles to declare that the nation’s second-largest city is on the verge of resorting to a shutdown of all but essential businesses, reports the Associated Press.

Actually not anywhere.

The total number of cases of Covid-19 recorded in the US now stands at 3,499,398 according to the Johns Hopkins tracker. 41 states continue to see rising daily new case numbers. Only Delaware and Maine are seeing numbers fall.

Disappearance postponed again.

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