Complex issues are reduced to mantras

Someone else has noticed the endless repetition of slogans in place of actual thought.

It sure is interesting how many apparently “progressive” men are ready to jump on any opportunity to harass, threaten and wish violence and death upon women when they are given permission to do it.

The same is true of the word “TERF” (“Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist”). On IWD it’s all over the place, reminding women that if they dare to question the rhetoric of trans activists then they’ll be branded with that modern equivalent of the scarlet letter and leftist men given the green light to hurl misogynistic abuse at them. Even women who subscribe to gender ideology are uncomfortable with this ( I know because I used to be one), but they don’t dare criticize it for fear of also being labeled a TERF and being subjected to the same treatment. This treatment punishes the non-compliant woman and serves as a warning to the women who witness it.

It does until the non-compliant women and the women witnessing their punishment just stop giving a shit what the goons shouting “TERF” say. Once you don’t give a shit you just don’t give a shit, so their shouting does nothing but underline what mindless bullying goons they are.

What this means is that people immersed in this particular culture find themselves focused on avoiding the treatment they often participate in dishing out to others, rather than any actual political analysis. Complex social and political issues are reduced to mantras, and whether someone is “good” or “bad” is determined by their willingness to affirm the mantras.

Emphasis mine. That. The mantras are so empty and so stupid, yet the repetition of them is treated as an argument-winner.

Trans activists will shout about “trans rights” as a kind of abstract concept without actually knowing anything about the specific laws and policies that are relevant, not understanding that “rights” are legally enshrined or they’re nothing. Often they can’t even tell you what “trans rights” actually are, other than the alleged “right” of trans people to have others share and participate in their self-perception.

Or, rather, to force others to share their self-perception.

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