Pretty soon you’re talking about real money

The NY Times reports on how Trump pays for all those lawyer hours:

He has drawn on campaign donations as a piggy bank for his legal expenses to a degree far greater than any of his predecessors.

Probably because his predecessors weren’t so eager to break the law.

In New York, Trump dispatched a team of lawyers to seek damages of more than $1 million from a former campaign worker after she claimed she had been the target of sexual discrimination and harassment by another aide. The lawyers have been paid $1.5 million by the Trump campaign for work on the case and others related to the president.

Couldn’t he have just paid someone to torture her to death while he watched? Would have been cheaper.

The RNC has paid at least $2.5 million in legal bills over Trump’s relatives’ meddling with Russia and Ukraine.

In California, Trump sued to block a law that would have forced him to release his taxes if he wanted to run for reelection. The Trump campaign and the RNC have paid the law firm handling this case, among others, $1.8 million.

It is also hard to differentiate between legal clashes the president has initiated and those in which he is the target of opponents. But an examination of spending by his various campaign arms documents how the intermingling of his presidency, business interests, campaigns, defense against the Russia investigation, impeachment and eagerness to penalize rivals have led to millions of dollars in donor money going to help bankroll litigation.

It’s expensive to be a crook.

The filings do not address the value of work for which he has not been charged, like Rudy Giuliani’s unpaid position as his personal lawyer. Nor do they account for the legal support Trump, as president, receives from the Justice Department, which has helped defend him on issues that blur the line between his public and private roles, like the constitutional prohibition on a president receiving benefits from other governments and efforts to obtain his tax returns and financial records.

He’s a very expensive toy.

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