Kato Mukasa

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Help Kato Mukasa help Humanists in Uganda

My name is Kato Mukasa . I am the founding Chairperson of the Humanist Association for Leadership Equity and Accountability ( HALEA) in 2007 and its current Legal Director. I am the chair of Uganda Humanist Association ( UHASSO) the oldest Humanist organization in Africa, registered in 1996. 

I am also the Executive Director of Legal Relief Frontiers LTD, a non governmental organization that was recently registered to provide Legal Relief services to the poor in Uganda.

And a lawyer working with Mukasa Lugalambi Advocates and Solicitors.

Along side all the incredible work I have been being doing I am keen on the education of the most vulnerable poor hence I am the founding director of Pearl Vocational Training College and Pearl Mukasa Memorial High School , schools which provides education to the marginalized urban and rural poor, young mothers and needy students.

Over the years I have handled human rights oriented cases that involves supporting LGBTQ rights, defiled children, rape victims and victims of land evictions among others. For the last 15 years, I have featured on radio stations and TV talk shows educating the public on matters concerning human rights including the right for non believers. I have written several works on Poetry, Religion, Culture, Gay Rights and Entrepreneurship. However, my book: “Unlearning the Myths about Homosexuality” is one of the most important work written at a time when Uganda’s Parliament has passed the popularly know” Kill the Gay Bill” and the book was meant to challenge homophobia.  Its coming out created for me enemies and attacks on my person, home and offices and the climax was the burning of my car in 2014.

It’s never easy standing up to challenge dogma in a country full of religious zealots. Speaking for the rights of the marginalized people even becomes harder.

I have been an ally of the LGBTQ community since 2008 and this has greatly affected my career and safety.

My home was attacked on the 30th Day of October 2014 and when the assailants failed to break into the main house, they set my Noah car ablaze.

At the moment, my field car is down and my mobility curtailed. I need to move around the country supporting non believers in trouble, defending the vulnerable poor and doing charity work amongst others.

I call upon you my dearest friends, Associates, Comrades, brothers and sisters to support my work by making a contribution. It will help boost my mobility and resources and I will be in position to serve even better as a Human Rights Defender, an educationist and Humanist Leader in Uganda.

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