Smoking schedule

The dog that didn’t bark in the night:

Donald Trump was aware long before he took the stage at the “Save America” rally on 6 January that he would not march to the Capitol to protest the congressional certification of Joe Biden’s election win, according to his White House private schedule from that day.

The former president started his nearly 75-minute long speech at the Ellipse by saying he would go with the crowd to the Capitol, and then repeated that promise when he said he would walk with them down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the Capitol.

But Trump’s private schedule – released by the House select committee investigating the Capitol attack in a filing on Wednesday – shows Trump must have known that there were no plans for him to join such a march, and that he was being taken back to the White House.

The newly-released private schedule indicates Trump deliberately lied to his supporters…

It documents it I suppose, but it can’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s paid attention to Trump. Walk all that way? On his own feet? In a crowd of actual human people? You must be joking. Of course he was never going to do that.

However the fact that it’s documented is evidence of conspiracy.

It is a significant revelation that could bolster the select committee’s claim in the filing that Trump engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States by seeking to obstruct a lawful function of the government by deceitful or dishonest means.

Trump’s promises are significant as they served as one of the primary motivations for his supporters to march to the Capitol alongside militia groups like the Oath Keepers, and were used by far-right activists like Alex Jones to encourage the crowd along the route.

Well yeah. What was he supposed to do, not encourage them to march to the Capitol? The marching and attacking and entering was the whole point. It was a rally, not a get-together for coffee.

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