Union v feminists

Behold EQ7-9:

EQ7  Defend trans and non-binary people’s rights   North West regional committee

Congress notes:
1.  Government hostility towards Stonewall for its support for trans rights, including disaffiliations by the BBC and government bodies;
2.  Government’s refusal to implement Self-ID in the Gender Recognition Act;
3.  Government’s failure to recognise non-binary as a legitimate identity;
4.  The EHRC’s attempts to delay anti-conversion therapy legislation for trans people and undermine the Scottish government introducing Self-ID;
5.  The Tories’ anti-conversion therapy Bill that dangerously presents equivalence between oppressive anti-trans conversion therapy and pro-trans affirmative intervention.
a.  Congratulates Sussex University UCU for their solidarity with student protests against ‘gender critical’ views;
b.  Welcomes the founding of the Feminist Gender Equality Network, committed to opposing transphobia on campuses and more broadly;

c.  Resolves to oppose ‘gender critics’ and transphobes promoting ‘gender ideology’ and trying to undermine trans and non-binary people’s rights and promote divisions between women’s and trans people’s rights.

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