Cleaning up

BBC Live on the news from Brazil:

A joint statement has been issued at a North America summit in Mexico City, with the leaders of Canada, the US and Mexico condemning what they describe as “attacks on Brazil’s democracy”.

US President Joe Biden, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated they all “stand with Brazil, as it safeguards its democratic institutions”.

“Our governments support the free will of the people of Brazil,” the three leaders said in their statement.

The CIA used to overthrow elected governments in Central and South America whenever the mood struck them.

“Influencers” are doing their bit to track down the perps.

One of them is Felipe Neto, a Brazilian Youtuber and one of the loudest critics of Brazil’s former President Jair Bolsonaro. He wants his 16 million Twitter followers to share “screenshots that show the faces of those involved in the terrorist invasion of the National Congress”.

A lot of people have noticed similarities to Sedition Hunters, an online group that helped find those who attacked the US Capitol two years ago.

Fact-checking news outlet Agencia Lupa has also set up a database to gather “anti-democratic posts in recent days on social networks or messaging applications” that led to the riots.

On its website, it says its intention is “to understand how the acts of vandalism seen in Brasília were organised.”

They should have a chat with Steve Bannon.

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