Guest post: They’re in on it

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on In ugly scenes.

So KJK and JKR both dare to hold and express terrible views.

Funny how absolutely no-one ever spells out exactly what the views are which they find repugnant, nor can they even point to a tweet, or a video, in which either woman expresses any views which incite violence towards anyone.

If their views were so evil and so clearly expressed, trans activists would be able to quote them directly. They’d be retweeting videos of these genocidal statements 24/7. If they had this evidence, they wouldn’t fail to use it. But they don’t. They only have homeopathically diluted innuendo and alleged “dog whistles” , but mostly just flat-out lies. Can’t let facts get in the way of a good straw (wo)man. Letting Rowling and Keen be heard would put the lie to the accusations against them. Can’t have that. Can’t let people hear the calm expression of things that most people know and believe themselves. Instead, that potential for connection, agreement, and solidarity must be short-circuited and hijacked by imputing hatred and bigotry to the messengers, lest the majority find each other, their strength, and their voice, before the trans’ capture of law and institutions is complete. The coup is not yet fully consolidated. The public slandering of these women is intended as a clear warning to any and all who would dare say “No.” This use of fear and social atomization is how a smaller, weaker, but more ruthless group extracts and enforces compliance from a larger one.

It’s a race between the frantic, desperate attempts of trans activists to keep the truth (and reality) buried, and the increasing awareness on the part of a hitherto uninvolved general public, who are beginning to see the outlines of something dangerous and repugnant which is unfolding amongst them, without their consent. Clear language, accurate information, and honest reporting are key in this battle. Trans activists must conceal the truth at all costs. Unfortunately, they have powerful allies helping them. That major media outlets are on the side of furthering lies, intimidation, and ignorance is shocking and disheartening in itself. It continues to amaze me how, on this issue, much of the media have betrayed the very trust and integrity upon which they, and democracy itself, depends. They are willing collaborators who should know better. It is hard to believe they don’t know better; it’s their job to probe, question and doubt, to not be taken in. And the facts are so easy to see, which makes their betrayal that much worse; they’re in on it. That this in itself will fuel a backlash by actual fascists and others who would further weaken or stifle press freedom seems to escape them completely, and may yet prove to be tragically ironic.

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