Important business.

LAUREN BOEBERT WAYLAID a congressional hearing on crime in the nation’s capital on Wednesday by repeatedly grilling D.C. City Council Member Charles Allen on what she insisted were efforts to decriminalize public urination. 

“Did you or did you not decriminalize public urination in Washington D.C.,” Boebert asked.

“No we did not,” replied Allen.

“Did you lead the charge to do so?” Boebert rephrased. 

“No, the revised criminal code left that as a criminal charge,” Allen answered. 

Did you “lead the charge” – what a dopy question.

The exchange continued for some time, with Boebert asking different variations of “Do you support peeing in public?”and Allen attempting to clarify that taking a piss on the sidewalk remains illegal in D.C. 

“The legislation that you are referring to, that came from the criminal code reform commission, changed public urination from a criminal to a civil offense. The council then changed that [back] to maintain it a criminal offense, at the request of the mayor,” Allen explained when able to get a word in. 

Boebert has personal experience with crime related to indecent exposure. In 2004, her husband, Jason Boebert, pleaded guilty and served jail time after exposing himself to two women at a bowling alley, one of whom was underage. 

Well yeh but that’s completely different. Completely.

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