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Two “honor” killings in Pakistan *

Oct 24th, 2012 | Filed by

In one, a brother killed his sister; in the other, an uncle killed his niece. Both were said to have been in an “objectionable situation.”… Read the rest

Nick Cohen reads Joseph Anton *

Oct 24th, 2012 | Filed by

The honourable left-wing response was then and is now to fight back and support Muslims and ex-Muslims around the world who want to resist theocratic politics.… Read the rest

LSE student atheist society and ex-Muslims *

Oct 24th, 2012 | Filed by

People of a Muslim background face unique difficulties in abandoning their religion, both in predominantly Muslim countries and in Europe.… Read the rest

Slate: Rebecca Watson on speaking out and rape threats *

Oct 24th, 2012 | Filed by

“It wasn’t until I started talking about feminism to skeptics that I realized I didn’t have a safe space.”… Read the rest

Head of Italy’s disaster body quits over L’Aquila *

Oct 23rd, 2012 | Filed by

Prof Maiani, a physicist, said the Serious Risks Commission could not work “in such difficult conditions.”… Read the rest

Marcotte on right-wing misogynist feeding frenzies *

Oct 23rd, 2012 | Filed by

How dare a woman talk in public?… Read the rest

“Ugly girl”: growing up female *

Oct 23rd, 2012 | Filed by

There is lip service to “you can be anything” but the real message is be hot or go away.… Read the rest

Italy: earthquake scientists sentenced to 6 years in prison *

Oct 22nd, 2012 | Filed by

All have been barred from ever holding public office again, and ordered to pay court costs and damages.… Read the rest

Cairo: mob gropes reporter *

Oct 21st, 2012 | Filed by

Amnesty International said in a report in June that such attacks appeared  designed to intimidate women and prevent them from participating in public  life.… Read the rest

Golden Dawn and “blasphemy” prosecution *

Oct 21st, 2012 | Filed by

Greeks who are proud they live in a secular democracy protecting the freedom of speech discovered that the law against blasphemy has been strengthened.… Read the rest

OIC drops effort to get global anti-blasphemy law at UN *

Oct 21st, 2012 | Filed by

Blames pesky “Western” and Latin American opposition. (Latin America is in the Western hemisphere yo.)… Read the rest

Romney as Mormon bishop was a bully to women *

Oct 20th, 2012 | Filed by

He tried to coerce a woman with a life-threatening pregnancy to refuse an abortion. He told her “as your bishop, my concern is with the child.”… Read the rest

Girl, 14, will be tried as an adult for killing infant *

Oct 20th, 2012 | Filed by

She’s not old enough to consent to sex, but is old enough to be charged with first degree murder.… Read the rest

Malala is awake *

Oct 19th, 2012 | Filed by

She has stood up. She is making good progress.… Read the rest

Boy banned from Scouts for refusing pledge to “God” *

Oct 19th, 2012 | Filed by

“Variations of the Scout Promise are available for different faiths, however all variations of  the Promise must recognise the ‘Duty to God’ element.”… Read the rest

Turkey prosecutes Faisal Say for “insulting Islam” *

Oct 18th, 2012 | Filed by

The famous pianist is being prosecuted over tweets he wrote mocking radical Muslims. He is charged with inciting hatred and insulting the values of Muslims.… Read the rest

It’s a myth that harassment is “free speech” *

Oct 18th, 2012 | Filed by

It is a cultural myth—one particular to the Internet—that the methods of a  harasser are fundamentally “legal,” and that the state is helpless to intervene  in all cases like this.… Read the rest

NY appeals court strikes down DOMA *

Oct 18th, 2012 | Filed by

The divisive act, which was passed in 1996, bars federal recognition of such marriages and says other states cannot be forced to recognize them.… Read the rest

US publishers say Saudi textbooks incite hate *

Oct 18th, 2012 | Filed by

As current and former heads of major publishing houses, we know the value of words. They inform actions and shape the world views of all.… Read the rest

Gillard’s “misogyny” speech prompts change to dictionary *

Oct 18th, 2012 | Filed by

Australia’s Macquarie dictionary currently defines misogyny as “hatred of women”, but will now add a second definition to include “entrenched prejudice against women.”… Read the rest