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Afghanistan: Taliban behead 17 at party *

Aug 27th, 2012 | Filed by

“I can confirm that this is the work of the Taliban,” the Helmand provincial governor’s spokesman told AFP.… Read the rest

Afghan actress Sahar Parniyan gets death threats *

Aug 26th, 2012 | Filed by

Parniyan used to perform in Afghan TV shows with Benafsha who was murdered during Eid. She’s been told she’s the next target to be assassinated.… Read the rest

Scotland: Catholic church still meddling *

Aug 26th, 2012 | Filed by

Priests have read out a letter in each of the Church’s parishes in Scotland criticising the Scottish government for plans to introduce same-sex marriage.… Read the rest

From Bible-Belt Pastor to Atheist Leader *

Aug 26th, 2012 | Filed by

Jerry DeWitt refuses to leave DeRidder, a place where religion, politics and family pride are indivisible.… Read the rest

Glendon Mellow on Surly Amy and the Charms of Reason *

Aug 25th, 2012 | Filed by

Science is an unending river of inspiration for artists in the same way that art can be inspiring to science.… Read the rest

Men have to be part of feminism *

Aug 25th, 2012 | Filed by

Men have to be part of feminism because societal gender stereotypes affect them as well as us.… Read the rest

Homo Orthodoxus ruining Russia *

Aug 24th, 2012 | Filed by

This God does not make any moral demands on his chosen followers but gives them  full authority to make such demands on everybody else.… Read the rest

A draft manifesto to promote ethical atheism *

Aug 24th, 2012 | Filed by

Michael Nugent offers an attempt to combine the best of our existing ideas into a set of principles and aims that all ethical atheists can promote.… Read the rest

Mo desperately seeking Jesus *

Aug 24th, 2012 | Filed by

Where did he go?… Read the rest

New Statesman blog on Atheism+ *

Aug 23rd, 2012 | Filed by

The nascent movement that might be the most exciting thing to hit the world of unbelief since Dawkins teamed up with Hitchens to diss god.… Read the rest

Social rejection can fuel creativity *

Aug 23rd, 2012 | Filed by

Research supports this idea. The need to be seen as separate from others within a group enhances both nonconformity and creativity.… Read the rest

US: rapists have parental rights in 31 states *

Aug 22nd, 2012 | Filed by

Men who father through rape are able to assert the same custody and visitation rights to their children that other fathers enjoy.… Read the rest

Akin blames “liberal elite” *

Aug 22nd, 2012 | Filed by

He means the Republicans who are telling him to drop his Senate campaign.… Read the rest

Tony Nicklinson dead of starvation *

Aug 22nd, 2012 | Filed by

He lost his High Court case to allow doctors to end his life last week, so he refused food. A horrible way to die.… Read the rest

Evangelical preacher told woman not to report abuse *

Aug 21st, 2012 | Filed by

“In his email, he said to me it was important that Christians keep the testimony of the Church and therefore protect the institution.”… Read the rest

Jacques Rousseau on atheism+ *

Aug 21st, 2012 | Filed by

We’d agree about being decent people, but not necessarily agree on how to do that.… Read the rest

Michael Nugent offers 5 ways you can help Alex Aan *

Aug 21st, 2012 | Filed by

Write to him, talk to politicians, start or support a campaign initiative, keep campaigning.… Read the rest

Pakistani girl accused of blasphemy could get death penalty *

Aug 21st, 2012 | Filed by

Neighborhood bullies told all the Christians to get out.… Read the rest

German rabbi charged for performing circumcisions *

Aug 21st, 2012 | Filed by

The chief prosecutor of Hof confirmed that charges had been filed against the rabbi.… Read the rest

Soraya Chemaly on Todd Akin *

Aug 20th, 2012 | Filed by

Akin’s statement and philosophy are consistent with conservative’s deep mistrust of women.… Read the rest