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Ben Harris-Quinney fails in attempt at comedy

Feb 27th, 2016 10:21 am | By

Ah the old having it both ways ploy – pretending you’re being “ironic” while making a sexist joke. You get to make the sexist joke, and you get to pretend to be not-sexist by claiming it was ironic. Like Ben Harris-Quinney.

Kate Smurthwaite appeared alongside Ben Harris-Quinney on LBC radio last night – but moments before the pair went live on air the political adviser took to Twitter to comment: ‘Shame they haven’t got me a real comedian. We all know women aren’t funny!!!’

So funny. So fresh, much edgy, very rebel.

When Smurthwaite  hit back at the ‘pre-show misogyny’ Harris-Quinney told her to ‘lighten up’ – and later claimed he was being ironic.

Of course he did!


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