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Really no go ahead and try him out

Sep 6th, 2016 9:43 am | By

Don’t forget how Keith Vaz talked about his entertainment for the evening.

“Have you ______ him yet?” The obscured word being presumably “fucked” – although “raped” might be more accurate.

“Someone will need to break him tonight.”

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The john recuses himself

Sep 6th, 2016 9:22 am | By

Keith Vaz has quit the job as Home Affairs Committee chairman.

The Sunday Mirror sought to justify its report by pointing to the political responsibilities of Mr. Vaz, suggesting that his conduct had compromised his ability to fulfill his duties.

As chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee in the House of Commons, he enjoyed a prominent role in oversight of the Home Office, the department that controls Britain’s policy on, among other things, drugs and prostitution.

A john shouldn’t be overseeing policy on prostitution. Conflict of interest.

My dislike of him dates from his joining the theocratic outrage against Salman Rushdie.

In 1989, two years after becoming the first Asian MP since 1929, he led a march

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A vested interest in preventing the criminalisation of punters

Sep 5th, 2016 12:23 pm | By

Julie Bindel points out the conflict of interest problem with Keith Vaz:

In July this year, a UK Home Affairs Committee published an interim report on prostitution, recommending the decriminalisation of the sex trade.

It also made clear that the committee members, chaired by Keith Vaz MP, were unlikely to recommend introducing a law to criminalise those who pay for sex, stating that the committee was, “not yet persuaded that the sex buyer law is effective in reducing, rather than simply displacing, demand for prostitution, or in helping the police to tackle the crime and exploitation associated with the sex industry.”

And who was the chair of that committee? Keith Vaz, sex buyer.

Now it is alleged that Vaz

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Father of two

Sep 4th, 2016 10:03 am | By

A Daily Mirror story today reports (with photos and audio to back it up) that Labour MP Keith Vaz paid for two Romanian male prostitutes to visit him in a London flat he owns. He was (until today) the chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Mr Vaz, a father of two, was last night said to have made it clear that he will step aside as chairman of the committee, which is currently examining prostitution in the UK, after the allegations were made public.

Conflict of interest, wot?

The Sunday Mirror alleged the MP had two meetings with the escorts, including a 90-minute session on August 27.

One text, reportedly sent by Mr Vaz, said

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