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Horrified to hear there were Sharia courts in England

Nov 7th, 2016 8:52 am | By

Rahila Gupta at Open Democracy shares a story of how a Sharia court in the UK trashed one woman’s life.

On 7 November, there will be a public seminar on “Sharia Law, Legal Pluralism and Access to Justice” 7-9pm at Committee Room 12 at the Houses of Parliament. Below, we publish the story of a woman Shagufta (not her real name) who spoke to the campaign group, One Law for All, and described how a brush with the Sharia courts ruined her life forever.

After my husband died in 1987 I moved to London with my children.  My older daughter, Lubna (not her real name) moved to London in 1994 after the breakdown in her marriage. After

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Yes or no

Nov 5th, 2016 9:19 am | By

A guy on Facebook yesterday posted video of something a lot of my friends have been passionately discussing: a few minutes from the Parliamentary inquiry into Sharia courts on Monday, in which Bradford MP Naz Shah interrupts Maryam Namazie’s testimony to demand a yes or no answer to a misleading question and then simply attacks her for her views. It’s pretty horrifying.

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