‘Homeopathic Remedies’: Real Cure or Nonsense? *

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There is no evidence that homeopathy works, yet it gets public funding.… Read the rest

A Gift to the Creationists *

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A book titled What Darwin Got Wrong that’s not by a creationist.… Read the rest

Deciding in advance

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Wheaton College has a ‘statement of faith’ that everyone at Wheaton has to ‘follow.’ The statement is long, and specific, and detailed. It’s not a mere cloud of benevolent sentiments, it’s a list of concrete factual assertions prefaced by ‘we believe that,’ and agreeing to the whole thing is, as I understand it, a condition of employment and attendance. It includes (and ends with) ‘WE BELIEVE in the bodily resurrection of the just and unjust, the everlasting punishment of the lost.’

Yet Wheaton College considers itself an academic institution of some kind. Wheaton College considers itself a place of higher education, yet a condition of getting the putative higher education that Wheaton College offers is agreement with a long … Read the rest

Simon Singh and Andy Lewis on Homeopathy *

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Filmed by Stephen Law at the CFI UK Trick or Treatment event.… Read the rest

‘New Perspectives on Faith and Development’ *

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Tony Blair Faith Foundation, Islamic Relief et al. to host ‘groundbreaking’ seminars on Faith and Development.… Read the rest

Oliver Kamm on Howard Zinn *

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If your heart is in the right place, the assumption is, then it doesn’t matter if your scholarship is sloppy.… Read the rest

The Boston Globe on Howard Zinn *

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His books and plays are about the power of ordinary people to affect history.… Read the rest

Rules of supermarket deportment

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A brief frivolous interlude to consider one small aspect of daily life.

A Tesco store has asked customers not to shop in their pyjamas or barefoot…A spokesman said Tesco did not have a strict dress code but it does not want people shopping in their nightwear in case it offends other customers.

Or not so much offends them as makes them feel sick. That’s how it affects me. The sight of people outside in the world in their bedroom slippers, or with bed hair, or in their pyjamas, makes me feel very queasy indeed. It’s much the same if I see people flossing their teeth or cutting their toenails in public; or picking their noses, or applying unguents to … Read the rest

Iran Executes 2 Mohareb or ‘Enemies of God’ *

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The prosecutor’s office said nine other detained protesters have been condemned to death as Mohareb.… Read the rest

Orthodoxy Enforcement at Wheaton College *

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Wheaton is nondenominational, but has a detailed statement of faith that all at the college must follow.… Read the rest

Ogling Teaches Women to Self-objectify *

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When a female believes her body is being sized up by a male, she’ll diminish her presence by speaking less. … Read the rest

Questioning Homophobic Pseudoscience *

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‘That a child needs a male parent and a female parent is so taken for granted that people are uncritical.’… Read the rest

Roeder Convicted of First-Degree Murder *

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It took jurors 37 minutes to convict Scott Roeder of first-degree murder in the death of George R. Tiller.… Read the rest

Blair is Sorry the War Was ‘Divisive’ *

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He acknowledged ‘things obviously look quite different’ now given the failure to find any weapons.… Read the rest

Tesco Says No Shopping in Pyjamas *

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Buffoon doesn’t see why, she only wanted a packet of fags, she would have worn clothes for a full shop.… Read the rest

Johann Hari on Corruption in America *

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It has reached the point that lobbyists now often write the country’s laws. Not metaphorically; literally.… Read the rest

A Common Problem in Science Journalism *

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Science reporters tend to avoid looking hard at research that produces interesting conclusions.… Read the rest

Panel Finds MMR Scare Doctor ‘Acted Unethically’ *

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Wakefield’s Lancet study caused vaccination rates to plummet, resulting in a rise in measles.… Read the rest

Televangelist Accused of Fraud Over Haiti Relief *

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Six televangelist ministries are being investigated by Senate Finance Committee for possible tax law fraud.… Read the rest

‘Europe Must Assert its Religious Identity’ *

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Italian Foreign Affairs Minister laments lack of ‘common European identity’ which he takes to be Xian.… Read the rest